The younger/newer kids at this school spend much of their time...

The younger/newer kids at this school spend much of their time performing bodyweight movements to build up awareness and strength and working technique with these lighter metal technique, let’s call them, rods. The structure for these kids seemed looser than the older kids.


Once they were done with their work, they followed the older kids around mimicking what they were doing with their technique rods and having fun. Here is my favorite little lady and her pod getting their training in with 5kg weighted back extensions, weighted sit ups and push-ups (swipe left). Again, notice how the pod never stops rotating from one athlete to the next and these exercises are done for 15-20 reps for 6 sets.


Bonus Edit: We had dinner with the coaches of the school last night and got some insider scoop on how they run their program here. Another post to come on drinking courtesy in Asian culture – stay tuned, it’s not for the faint of heart. The head coach was saying the ideal age to start an athlete on weightlifting is 10 years or older. This is an age where they have more focus, are physically stronger/more capable and can find more enjoyment from their training. Due to the policy handed down from the Chinese government, they end up having to recruit the younger athletes (age 7/8) to start developing them and to fill the age category local competitions.

#FuBarbell #FuzhouWLcamp #Chineseweightlifting (at Nanpinghsien, Fujian, China)