Who is FuBarbell?

Diane Fu | Olympic Weightlifter | Strength and Conditioning Coach | CrossFit Trainer

Diane Fu moved to San Francisco, CA in 1998 where her journey in physical culture would begin. Having always had a fascination for all things gym, she knew she wanted to stick close to her passion and be involved in the human movement revolution. From 1999 to 2007, Diane grew roots in the commercial fitness industry managing major health clubs and helping hundreds of trainers expand their reach on the masses of general fitness enthusiasts. A very rewarding experience by itself.


In 2006, however, a new opportunity came along. Diane met the co-founder of San Francisco CrosSFit– Dr. Kelly Starrett. She would later join Dr. Starrett and his team at San Francisco CrosSFit in 2008 where the rest would become legend at the Parking Lot of Dreams (POD). Also around this time, through CrossFit, Diane discovered the sport of Olympic-style weightlifting. It was love at first snatch. This lost art of the elastic strongman forged a firm bond with Diane; and she started actively competing on a local level which eventually led to being on the big stage at a national level. Diane now continues her work as a Strength & Conditioning Coach at San Francisco CrosSFit and is also the Head Coach at FuBarbell -- home of the FuBarbell club.


FuBarbell's mission is to spread the good word of Olympic-style weightlifting. Join me as I continue down a path of feat and strength, sharing with you the tidbits of knowledge I gather along the way. Stick with me. I've got the good stuff.