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Whether you are a CrossFitter or an Olympic-style weightlifting enthusiast, these plans will give you all that you need to add strength, speed, coordination, and flexibility to your lifts and to your performance.

Olympic-Style Weightlifting Starter

4-week foundation program to familiarize you with the basic Snatch, Clean, and Jerk movements and positions.

Olympic-Style Weightlifting Builder I, II, III

A 3-phase program to increase proficiency in your Snatch, Clean, and Jerk.

Online Weightlifting Workshop

Unable to attend an in-person seminar? This workshop is a replica of my in-person seminar and allows you to keep all of this instruction for life.

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FREE FuBarbell Poster

The FuBarbell Olympic-Style Lifts Poster is a collaborative project between Diane Fu (FuBarbell) and PushPress. Diane uses PushPress to manage her seminars. The PushPress founders are CrossFit Gym owners who were looking for a better way to educate athletes about the differences in the Olympic-style lifts.

Download and print your own, order and get a poster in the mail, or go for the big-ass vinyl banner - all for FREE! Just pay for shipping, should you need it.

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