Welp, if you would like to know how the Chinese weightlifting...

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Welp, if you would like to know how the Chinese weightlifting athletes warm-up, I’ve officially seen athletes ranging from age 8 up to Olympic Champion level do this exact barbell warm-up with very slight variation to prepare their bodies for training. Except, this little girl gets my vote for best style and most adorable.


Bonus Edit: This school is a true developmental school where the kids come to learn how to move and lift. However, the secret is that there really is no secret. All the exercises you see on YouTube being performed at the high level, you will see the young 8-13 year olds doing all the way down to kipping dips, kipping pull-ups, handstand push-ups, dynamic lat rows and other bodyweight accessory movements including all of the barbell main and accessory lifts.


You take that times massive amounts of volume over 9 sessions/week over the course of 8-10 plus years with a low coach to athlete ratio and what you end up with are finely tuned self aware and fully actualized top level athletes. The end.

#FuBarbell #FuzhouWLcamp #Chineseweightlifting (at Nanpinghsien, Fujian, China)