This week’s CrossFit Open challenge is last year’s...

This week’s CrossFit Open challenge is last year’s 14.2. The two movements in this spicy repeat are the overhead squat and chest to bar pull-ups.

Points of Performance for 15.2:

1. Spend the first 2 sets/6min feeling things out. Don’t go for broke trying to buy extra rest time.

2. Heart rate management is key. Anytime you have “death by” style workout, the athlete that can keep their HR in check the longest will have more left in the tank to push later when it counts.

3. Break the sets up early on the chest to bar pull-ups. No need to string them together early. Save that for when you need the push in the latter rounds.

4. On the overhead squat, a slightly wider stance and relatively narrower grip will help keep the shoulders stable and hips hitting end range sooner. This technique will allow the athlete to move fluidly without extra effort in trying to control the range of movement.

5. Spend extra time getting the shoulders and hips warm. Chasing down the thoracic spine will buy some extra slack both overhead and for the end ranges of the chest to bar pull up. As always, make sure you are slightly sweaty before hitting the 3, 2, 1 GO!

6. If you have some hybrid Weightlifting/CrossFit shoes like the @reebok Lifter, now’s the time to bust them out. The heel will help create a larger midrange on the overhead squat and the lighter weight of a hybrid shoe won’t weigh you down on those pull-ups.

7. If you feel your wrists might need some extra support during the overhead squats, go grab yourself a roll of athletic tape and give that wrist a firm wrap around.

8. I foresee some torn hands on this workout. My advice? Don’t do it! You still have 3 more weeks to go. If you feel like you might tear, search for “handmade gymnastics grips” or “hand guards for CrossFit” and you’ll pop up some results for a DIY version using that new roll of athletic tape you just bought.

As always, have fun and good luck!

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