We spend a bunch of time under compression, but remembering to...

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We spend a bunch of time under compression, but remembering to decompress our joints will make the body happy. Dr. Dianna DiToro (@diannaditoro, DiToro Physical Therapy) is here to give us a simple but effective way to unload our neck and spine.

After spending some time observing, treating, and training with other Olympic lifters, I noticed that we are really good at loading our systems but sometimes need a little reminder to de-load. The muscles of the upper back and neck shoulder the loads and could use their own little de-load mob.

You’ve seen plenty of distraction techniques with a band on #MWOD, but how do you distract AND protect ya’ neck?

Shout out to Jill Miller (@yogatuneup) for the inspiration for this de-load mob that also provides some creative lymph drainage.

1. Take a PVC pipe or yoga strap and hold it in your hands behind your back with hands shoulder-width apart.

2. Bow forward and let the hands fall forward wherever they go, keeping the elbows straight, allow the shoulder blades to slide up towards the ears all while releasing any tension in the neck by imagining the head as a ripe melon.

3. “Hang” out for 20-30 seconds, then slowly return to a standing position.

Keep in mind, this isn’t a shoulder stretch; it’s to let the shoulder blades and neck unload. Try it out as a complement or an alternative to some smashing after a lifting sesh.

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