Want to ensure your squat transfers to your lifts? We speak a...

Want to ensure your squat transfers to your lifts? We speak a lot about leg drive and its ability to both transfer power to the bar and direct the energy of the movement. Lester Ho (@lesterhokw) is here today to give some pointers to keep the legs locked and loaded during your squats.

Have a look at your knees especially when you hit the bottom of the squat. As you drop past your sticking point, where your femur is at its longest from the pivot (the knees), ensure that your pivot remains stable.

In other words, make sure the knees keep their position. Many make the mistake of trying to remain TOO upright and the knees move forward or out as they reach the bottom of the squat.

This very slight change of the position of the knees results in a momentarily shift in the load moving from the quads to the hips. Once the tension in the quads are lost, it has to be regained but this time with the hip flexors being loaded. Keeping the knees in position will allow you to keep the tension through the quads and make use of them coming up. You may also notice the glutes kicking in well too. Being able to do that will then allow you to properly switch on the legs when you need to in the lifts.

Having tight hip flexors? Look at how your knees move or don’t move at the bottom. Want to have bigger lifts? Make sure your quads remain loaded especially at the bottom of your squat.

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