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Tim Rawlings (@rawwlings) is packing in the knowledge bombs today! I love using blocks in my own training – maybe a little too much – due to the higher level of accuracy I’m able to achieve in my pull.

If your box doesn’t already have blocks, scroll to the bottom for a DIY version (link in bio) or get in touch with Tim for an authentic Russian style set.

The Benefits of Using Blocks

1) Prevent Overtraining

If you are an advanced lifter and you are training 90% and above, the blocks can help prevent overtraining while allowing you to work with heavier loads more frequently.

2) Increase RFD

Rate of Force Development is arguably the most important aspect of Olympic Weightlifting. Lifting from the blocks requires an increase of RFD due to the shorter distance from start to finish.

3) Variety

By adding variety, there is less likelihood of overtraining and it will help focus on weaknesses. The lifts are comprised of many different angles and pieces. Every piece must fit like a puzzle. Using blocks will help ensure that each piece is in the right spot.

If you are interested in building your own blocks, check the link below for the dimensions. If you wish to buy authentic Russian built blocks, contact Tim Rawlings.


Video: Will Rawlings (@crossfitsaa @superiorathletic) 150kg snatch, Tim Rawlings 190kg clean

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