Second to the last event in the CrossFit Open! 16.4 is a...

Second to the last event in the CrossFit Open! 16.4 is a sophisticated combination where each movement has potential impact on the movement following the next in line where deadlifts will impact rowing and wall balls will impact handstand push-ups. Strategy for this event will largely depend on your individual strengths and weaknesses.


Be smooth, not fast. Drop each rep, follow the bar down, re-grip and go again. If you find yourself slowing down, you may be forcing yourself into sets that are too large for your ability. Game your sets and do not max out. Adjust for capacity as you go. I would recommend breaking the deadlifts into five sets of eleven reps, and resist making the earlier sets larger unless it reduces the total number of sets you perform. This will keep you from overtaxing the system unnecessarily.

Wall Balls

Using your legs are the key here and keeping working sets within range that will allow you to minimize use of the shoulders and arms will allow you to spare yourself for the handstand push-ups coming up ahead. Athletes that have a higher capacity can essentially charge a larger set and get the wall balls done in two sets. Everyone else should gauge appropriately. Rest with the ball against the wall to save on transition times.


Using 14.4 as a gauge for pacing is what I would recommend. Adjust up since this row piece is coming after 55 deadlifts and 55 wall balls. And finally, slow down just slightly to allow for some recovery before entering the handstand push-ups.

Handstand Push-Ups

I would recommend taking your shoes off as you transition from row to handstand push-up (make sure you measure the standard with your shoes off). This will allow your feet to slide better along the wall. Maintaining a good kip will be key since this is the only real movement you’ll potentially fail any reps.

Can You Do This Twice:

Yep. In fact, if you have decided you are a multiple attempt individual, you may want to use your go around as recon for the second attempt through. Adjust your pace so you can figure out where you can push to game additional reps and save time.

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