New year, new cycle. If you’ve been following any part of...

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New year, new cycle. If you’ve been following any part of my journey into “Chinese-style” weightlifting with Coach Wu (@wuchuanfu), you’ll see that I’ve been spending a ton of time on the blocks. Purpose there for me was to help develop a sense of tempo, timing, rhythm and ultimately a feeling for the specific power position at the hips. I actually have done very little classic lifting the last 3-4 months. Everything was a variation of the classic lift to develop awareness and control.

Along with work off the blocks, much time was spent on a variety of pulls, tempo snatch balances, behind the neck push presses (plus a variety of other behind the neck work) and partial range squats all in an effort to help me find my center and feel my quads.

Much like anything you do a lot of, I’ve gotten pretty good at lifting off blocks and now it’s time to transfer that feeling towards the floor. A little rough around the edges, but here’s a documented first effort as I begin this new plan. The goal is to get a good feeling and lay a foundation using a ton of reps between 50%-65% and then move up from there as technique allows.

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