My @codyapp Olympic-Style Weightlifting bundle has been my post...

My @codyapp Olympic-Style Weightlifting bundle has been my post popular course, and now has over 1K members! This week @codyapp and I have partnered with @stupideasypaleo and we’re re-launching this 12-week program for 20% off! This series will develop and improve three major lifts: the snatch, clean and jerk. (link in bio)


The bundle includes four back-to-back trainings to teach you the foundations and quickly ramp you up to lift fast and strong. It starts with the month-long Starter Plan then the three Builder Plans, each with three weeks of detailed, video-based programming. In these Builders, each lift is broken down and every day builds upon the last.

I also created a super-detailed Mobility Guide to help you develop more flexibility and range of motion to maximize your lifts.

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