My 12-week Rise series contains the same strength and...

My 12-week Rise series contains the same strength and conditioning programming I give to my own athletes! If you’re looking to boost your overall strength and barbell efficiency or are working towards a lifting competition, this bundle is for you! For the next 48 hours you can get it for over 30% off! (link in bio)

In this progressive 3-part series, Andrea and I will show you how to develop your push and pulling mechanics, systematically increase your leg strength through a solid squat, clean, jerk and snatch regimen, and we’ll take you through body weight movement to help accessorize the classic lifts. This plan is structured with strong and detailed programming AND a detailed e-book designed specifically for this bundle! Every day is unique and you’ll receive coaching cues and pointers from both of us along with step-by-step visual instruction further polish and develop your technique!

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