Last one for the books before turning in for the night....

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Last one for the books before turning in for the night. I’m trying not to go to bed before 9PM so the jet lag doesn’t kick my butt and have me starring at the ceiling at 3AM in the morning.


Accessory work in the form of small muscle training (aka bodybuilding) is done after every session. Here’s a popular but probably controversial one for you guys – the kipping behind the neck pull-up. I’ve mostly seen the boys knocking these out in spades the last few times I’ve been to China. This is the first time I’m witnessing the women do this exercise so that deserves the limelight IMO.


This exercise is great for building awareness of the lats, strengthening the mid and upper back and the added momentum allows for extra reps and aggression through the movement. A common theme through most of their accessory movements is that everything that can be done is done with momentum.


According to Coach @wuchuanfu, the momentum teaches athletes to be aggressive which translates into being aggressive around the barbell. The bigger the movement, the more dynamic an athlete can be, the better. All under control, of course. Being tightly immersed in the CrossFit community, this ideology gels just fine with me.

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