Just in case you missed this dropping yesterday: Announcing my...

Just in case you missed this dropping yesterday:

Announcing my Olympic Weightlifting Bundle, with four back-to-back training plans to teach you the foundations and quickly ramp you up to lift fast and strong. I’m very proud of this program and my team has been laboring away for months to make this possible.


The link is also in my profile.

I’m launching it with an introductory price of $79 for all four plans and a special gift only available with this bundle (read below). Grab it now for 20% off. After one week the price will go to $99.

It starts with the month long Starter Plan, which is the foundation of the Olympic Weightlifting Plan.

Next comes the three Builder Plans, each with three weeks of video-based programming. The videos are incredibly detailed and each phase progressively builds on the last.

I have also created a beautiful mobility guide to help you develop more flexibility and range as your train through this cycle. This mobility guide is only available in this bundle.

Whether you are a CrossFitter looking to polish up your form or an Olympic-style weightlifting enthusiast, this plan will take the unknown out of your training and give you all that you need to add strength, speed, coordination, and flexibility to your lifts and to your performance.


Happy lifting!

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