Jonathan Wong (@iamjwjw) is back to discuss more theory and...

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Jonathan Wong (@iamjwjw) is back to discuss more theory and philosophy of the Chinese weightlifting system. Today’s Part 1 focuses on the value of the snatch balance, EXCEPT why it shouldn’t be considered a “balance”. Stay tuned for part 2 where we dish out points of performance for you on this movement.


—- Video of Coach Wu (@wuchuanfu) performing 162kg Snatch Support Double @ 70kg BW —


What most of us refer to as the Snatch Balance, in the Chinese weightlifting methodology is referred to as the Snatch Support. According to Coach Wu, the term balance is not an accurate description because a state of balance implies balancing/holding the load in a fixed position. With the concept of support, the lifter supports the load and is ready/able to move at any time.

As you can see in the video above, Coach Wu is supporting the load and moving with it, rather than diving under the bar. The moment he has un-weighted the bar with leg drive, he immediate goes into a support position and the legs are actively connected to the load overhead. Through the lift, you can see he does not compromise body positions/angles at all. He is in control of the load at all times. The movement is smooth, fast and powerful.

This a great drill to develop tempo, leg drive, accuracy/stability in the receiving position, mobility/strength in the shoulders and confidence working with bigger loads overhead.

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