Jon Wong performing what Coach Wu (@wuchuanfu) likes to call...

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Jon Wong performing what Coach Wu (@wuchuanfu) likes to call pendulum pulls. Aside from developing positional strength through the first pull, more importantly it develops awareness and tempo from the floor.

Repost by JW (@iamjwjw): Getting back into training post @mnlpowerlifting Championships. Working on Snatch Pendulum Pulls @ 140kg. This drill is great for developing strength and awareness for the Snatch.

For me, it builds confidence for pulling weights from the ground. I usually work at loads between 120-130% of my Snatch 1RM. For today, I went slightly heavier. The key would be keeping a consistent tempo through all the reps and keeping similar positions to how you would Snatch. Bar finish position would be at the hip crease with weight kept over midfoot and shoulders slightly over the bar.


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