Head back 10 posts ago, and we put up a video of Coach Wu...

Head back 10 posts ago, and we put up a video of Coach Wu (@wuchuanfu) performing 2 snatch grip push presses where he asked the question, “which movement is faster?” Lots of answers rolled in with the fence pretty evenly divided on both sides. This week, we will begin to explore the answer to that question in a 2 part response. Here is part 1 by Jon Wong (@iamjwjw) with part 2 followed up on Thursday:


For the Chinese weightlifting methodology, movement speed is closely related to power delivery/transfer to the bar from the legs. With good power transfer, an athlete can move faster because the bar is moving up from momentum and the athlete’s body is relaxed, allowing quicker reaction and movement. In the above video, Coach Wu is doing push presses at 90kg-100kg-130kg-140kg. In each set, the movement pattern is consistent - controlled, relaxed and as the load gets heavier, the speed becomes very apparent. The more power delivered to the bar, the faster Coach Wu moves.

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