Having trouble finishing the extension on your pull? Maybe you...

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Having trouble finishing the extension on your pull? Maybe you feel you should be able to drive more power into your jerk? Missing end range leg extension could take away from your efforts in power output. Dr Brandon Tom (@brandonw8lifter) is back with a follow-up to last week’s post regarding knee flexion.

The following knee mobilizations can be helpful for addressing joint stiffness and pain. Only perform the following mobilizations if they are pain free. Do not push through pain.

For knee extension:

1. Sit down with your leg straight and loop a band in a figure eight around your ankle. Secure the other end of the band to a heavy/non-moving object.

2. Relax the leg and scoot back till you feel a stretch in your knee.

3. Squeeze your quad 20 times in this position by trying to push the back of your knee to the floor. You may also apply light force as you internally rotate your shin as you squeeze your quad.

4. Again, the rotation is counterclockwise when mobilizing your right knee, and clockwise when rotating your left knee.

You should be able to bend and extend your knee more freely and with less pain afterwards.

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