Got to train with some weightlifters from Mexico yesterday....

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Got to train with some weightlifters from Mexico yesterday. Esteban (@estebanpmtz) is a national champ in the 69kg category that is now coaching full-time and Karyna (@karynasarti) is a current university athlete in the 48kg.

We ended up hanging out and having a great chat after training together. Esteban trained with a Chinese coach through most of his career starting at the age of 12. It was in the last few years that the team switched to having a Bulgarian coach. But no matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t install the Bulgarian technique in his movement. So his programming now is a combination between bridging Chinese movement with Bulgarian mentality.

We also had a chance to exchange ideas on technique and movement. I’ll be organizing some of these thoughts into posts for later. This is the best part about meeting other athletes and coaches is coming together and sharing stories/ideas.

Thank you Jorge (@cadena54) for being such a great translator!

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