Got stiffness in your knees? Here at #MWOD HQ we like to chase...

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Got stiffness in your knees? Here at #MWOD HQ we like to chase after the joint capsule first. If the joint is happy, typically the surrounding tissues chill out as well. We got Dr. Brandon Tom back with another quick fix for your mobility needs.

The following knee mobilization can be helpful for addressing joint stiffness and pain. Only perform the following mobilization if it is pain free. Do not push through pain.

For knee bending or flexion:

1. Adopt a lunge position and place both hands around the shin/calf of the front leg.

2. Bend the knee and shift your bodyweight forward as you apply gentle but firm inward rotation to the shin with your hands.

3. If you are performing this mobilization on the right leg, the rotation is counterclockwise.

4. If mobilizing the left leg, apply the rotation in a clockwise direction as you bend the knee.

5. Repeat 20 times and retest.

You may be able to bend your knee further and with less pain afterwards.

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