The girls are finishing up with some high pulls post training....

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The girls are finishing up with some high pulls post training. Their coach is experimenting with having them pull with their heels off a plate. This forces them to stay centered in their mid-foot and controlled through the movement. Any deviation from the above will be self correcting.

Coach Wu Jian Lin says they’ve only been implementing this drill for the past month and it won’t be obvious whether it has benefit until they play around with it a while longer. Coaches here are constantly experimenting with ways to help their athletes improve and sharing their thoughts/ideas with each other so that the entire collective can become better.

As an aside, bandwidth here in Zhuhai is apparently a valued commodity. Many folks from our group is having difficulty loading videos like my friend @jexeones. She has now opted to document our food adventures through vibrant photographs instead since that is the only thing that will upload for her. Follow Jess if you want to see what we’ve all been grubbin’ in and around China.

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