Diligent about releasing your lats, triceps and chest but still...

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Diligent about releasing your lats, triceps and chest but still can’t seem to get that clean rack to the shoulders? Or, is your elbow just plain sticky and stiff? Dr. Brandon Tom (@brandonw8lifter) is back this week with your quick fix tip!

This elbow mobilization can be helpful for improving the front rack position for the jerk. Ideally forearms should be oriented in a direction to drive the bar up and behind the head. Elbow joint stiffness/pain can make full flexion of the elbow difficult and thus make it harder to position the forearm in the appropriate position to jerk.

1. Step on one end of the band (black or higher tension).

2. Loop other end around the forearm where it attaches to the elbow.

3. Stabilize distal forearm at the wrist and apply oscillating band tension in a direction perpendicular to the forearm at the elbow.

4. Keep the arm that you are mobilizing relaxed but roughly at 90 degrees.

5. Oscillate for 1 minute then re-assess your jerk rack position. You should be able to bend the elbow that you mobilized more easily. You may also notice that elbow extension is easier as well.

With all that being said, I’ve often noticed that elbow problems can be a side effect of shoulder weakness or restriction up the chain. Always be sure to treat lack of shoulder external rotation/abduction before going straight to treating the elbow.

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