Announcing my @codyapp Rise: Strength Starter with the awesome...

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Announcing my @codyapp Rise: Strength Starter with the awesome @ager_bomb! This 4-week plan will develop solid base strength, establish quality movement, and noticeably raise the bar on your functional fitness and Olympic-style lifts. (link in bio)

This series’ effectiveness is rooted in its programming. It pairs partial lifts including pause snatch deadlifts, jerk dip squats, and snatch pulls with explosive movements to first build awareness and control before challenging you to add speed and power.

This format coupled with classical functional movements will produce steady and strong results. Plus every day is unique and you’ll receive coaching cues and pointers along with step-by-step visual instruction so you can see what the movements should look like and how to do them with precise form and polished technique!

For those of you who have been training with me on Cody or frequent a box, you are primed for this program. This is what is going to get you seriously strong while reinforcing good movement.  This programming is the type that my own athletes use to prepare for competitions. I hope you enjoy!

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