Afternoon tea time with Coach @wuchuanfu and Coach Xie. Training...

Afternoon tea time with Coach @wuchuanfu and Coach Xie. Training starts tomorrow, and we are all just taking it easy after coming off 14 hours of travel. Coach Xie is one of the weightlifting coaches at this training center. In his prime as a 69kg lifter, his bests were snatch 145kg (not so good) and clean&jerk 195kg (very very good. Better than Zhang Guo Xheng at the time). Coach Wu added in that his best clean pull was only 210kg – his low back couldn’t support more load without bending while his legs were plenty strong. This is a good example of someone maximizing their technique to strength ratio.


Bonus edit: Every coach here in Fujian has this style of tea set-up. Tea is a coveted tradition here in China bringing friends together to pass time and share stories. I would argue this is where you hear weightlifting lore not levied during a regular training session. Last year in Zhuhai, our other Coach Wu would spend hours every evening after dinner at the local tea house drinking tea with the shop owners and other friends that would stop by.

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