Accessory work is imperative to creating and maintaining a...

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Accessory work is imperative to creating and maintaining a balanced and healthy system. Just purely performing the snatch, clean and jerk is too specific and can lead to overuse strains in the muscles and joints of the body.


The Chinese call this “small muscle training” because it develops the smaller muscles to support the bigger ones and it starts at a young age all the way up to the senior level. Younger athletes perform sets of 6-8 while the seniors do anywhere from 4-6 depending on exact age and rep scheme.


The next time you think about skipping your accessory work because you’re limited on time or because you left it all on the platform, feel free to use this video as inspiration. Here are some 11 year old girls knocking out kipping pull-ups and dips like a boss!


Bonus Edit: I will never complain about a pull-up bar being “too high” for me and needing to pull out a box to jump up ever again.

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