16.3 here this week with a burner that challenges athletes to...

16.3 here this week with a burner that challenges athletes to push intelligently through 7 minutes of snatches and bar muscle-up pain.


Even though 7min is relatively short compared to the other two events, it’s still long enough so that a pace should be considered to hedge redlining early in the event.

I would recommend using the first 2 minutes to go in hard but maintain a good rhythm during and between the movements. The following 3 minutes should be used to ease up a bit to allow the body to stay in an even zone with the final 2 minutes ramping back up in intensity again. Reps, if possible, should be performed unbroken between the 2 sets. And as always, remember to rest on the clock and not in your head.

Power Snatch:

As tempting as it is to do the line-fishing-bendy-back muscle snatch, try to keep the legs involved as much as possible to spare the shoulders from accumulated fatigue going into the muscle-ups.

Removing transitions add speed, so the order of efficiency in this workout would look something like this:

1. No touch muscle snatch (still keep bar as close to the body as possible).

2. Muscle snatch with hip contact

3. Power snatch with no foot transition

4. Power snatch with foot transition

Switching between these different iterations can help adjust pacing as well as you dial your engine up and down throughout the 7min.

Bar Muscle-Ups:

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Can You Do This Workout Again:

Yes, so if you already know you plan on doing a repeat, use your first time around as recon and pay attention on where you feel like you can make up some time. Was your pacing good? Were your transitions between movements efficient? Did you break up reps when you didn’t need to? Did you rest too long?

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