16.2 4min Round + Bonus Time: 25 TTB 50 DUs 15/13/11/9/7...

16.2 4min Round + Bonus Time:

25 TTB

50 DUs

15/13/11/9/7 Cleans

(135/85, 185/115, 225/145, 275/175, 315/205)

I’m really enjoying the twists this Open season is bringing to the table! 16.2 has you earning rounds to perform heavier cleans. Strategy is important here especially when it comes to toes to bar management.


Stay within the 4min time cap, and I advise going right into the next round saving your recovery for the heavier sets of cleans in the later rounds. Again, like last week, if you do plan on breaking up the sets of TTB, make sure your recovery is done on the clock and not in your head. Keep track of your capacity and make sure you’re saving a few reps in the tank before rests to stay below the redline.

Toes To Bar:

Unless you are super TTB proficient, I’d recommend breaking this up right from the start. Cascading sets of 14/11 or 10/8/7 are favorites of mine to help mentally ease my way through the set. This workout is make or break based on how you manage this first set of 25 so keep within your capacity and don’t burn it out!

Double Unders:

You won’t win the workout on double unders, but you can eat up valuable time. Keep the body as relaxed as possible during your set, keep the grip on the handle “loose” and KEEP BREATHING. Being smooth is valued over being fast as fast can cause you to start to lose your form. As soon as you feel like you are having to hold your breathe and keep tension to perform a set, you’re bringing yourself that much closer to failure. Stop, recompose and then continue.


Singles from the start will hedge the fatigue from touch ‘N go reps. Even though touch 'N go may be faster cycling, the fatigue you will accumulate later in the workout may not be worth the initial investment. Word of advise is to stay on the bar. Every time you drop (and manage the drop/bounce from the cleans so you’re not chasing the bar around), step up and get ready to go again.

Can You Do This Again:

Yes, but ouch.

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