15.4 Efficiency Tips Well crew, you didn’t think it would...

15.4 Efficiency Tips

Well crew, you didn’t think it would happen but it did! Handstand push-ups are making their first ever appearance in the CrossFit Open, and they’re here to make a statement!

For the handstand push-ups:

a. Find the maximum width of your hand placement that will still allow your heels to travel over the marked line and then mark this distance with tape. This will take not only take the guess work out of where to place your hands when you return to the HSPUs, but it will allow your

the shortest distance of allowable travel with the arms.

b. To minimize transition times, rest either in the bottom of the HSPU (if you only need a quick breathe) or off the wall (if you need to reset and shake things off), but not loaded at the top of the handstand. This will burn your shoulders and arms out fast.

c. Kip to save energy and don’t go to muscle failure. Once this movement goes, it’s gone and digging deeper won’t make them come back. Always bank and save a rep or two in the tank.

For the cleans:

a. Whether you choose to touch and go or do quick singles, power cleans should be the default for everyone who has the capacity. If you cannot, then (squat) cleans will be your movement for this workout.

b. Again to spare the shoulders for HSPUs, do not rest the bar in the front rack position. If you find yourself hanging out there for more than a few seconds, drop the bar, shake it off and re approach to continue your reps.

c. Focus on staying balanced over the middle of the feet while cycling the cleans. Balance and intentional finishing of the legs during extension will help minimize any unintentional shifting in the body that happens with fatigue and the potential of pushing/looping the bar around the body.

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