13.4 is here with a classic couplet in the format of...

13.4 is here with a classic couplet in the format of weightlifting and gymnastics. This style of exercise brings us back to the type of WODs that made us fall in love with the sport of fitness back before all the fanciness we see in today’s competitions.

Today’s Points of Performance fall around the Clean & Jerk:

1. Just like 13.1, adopt the same-stance same-grip for all the reps you plan on cycling. This will increase cycle time and minimize transitions between the ground to shoulders to overhead.
2. HOOK GRIP! I can’t stress that enough. This will spare the forearms for the toes to bar and prevent the over-gripping/tensioning that occurs when using a normal grip.
3. Mobilize the triceps and lats. This will help you hang onto the grip when you rack the weight to allow for immediate delivery of the barbell overhead.
4. Be efficient. I would recommend going into the push jerk right away to spare the shoulders and conserve on overall energy.
5. Keep your knuckles pointed down in the clean until you wrap your elbows around. This strategy closes down the wrist improving leverage, further spares the forearms, keeps the bar close, and allows for a smooth delivery of the barbell into the rack position.
6. To help minimize the fatigue that can occur in the low back, keep your chest up, knees out and weight back into your heels.
7. When you get to point of having to drop from overhead and perform singles, take an extra second to get a good set-up. This will help with efficiency and translate to better sustained performance.
8. Lastly, pace. Going all out works for the first few minutes and then everything goes downhill from there. If the weights used in this workout are well within your strength base, it’ll be a cardio buster and managing heart rate will help keep your technique smooth.

Want to see the tips in action? Check out YouTube.com/FuBarbell