“13.5 To Fran and Beyond!” Here we go. The WOD...

“13.5 To Fran and Beyond!”

Here we go. The WOD we’ve all been anticipating. It’s Fran again except this time she just keeps coming back for more!

For the majority, the make and break is going to happen during the pull-ups so let’s make your thrusters as efficient as possible and save your grip/arms for the pull-up fun.

Points of Performance:

1. If you own a pair of Reebok Olys or Adidas Power Trainers, wear those. It’ll give you better positioning and allow your better force production through the heels. Regular Oly shoes may be too heavy by the time you get far into your pull-ups so I will leave that as “PP” or “Personal Preference”.

2. Feet in your front squat stance with the toes out 5-15 degrees.

3. Hands in your push press grip with the elbows in a partial rack.

4. Mobilize triceps and lats so you can maintain your grip on the thruster. Having a tight rack will pull you forward as you enter your front squat and may also keep the bar from resting in your front rack position.

5. Open the hips as you descend and ascend in and out of your front squat. This will help with stabilizing the torso and keep you front tipping forward unnecessarily.

6. As you finish the thruster and extend your arms overhead, mark your position on top and use this to eccentrically load into the next squat to generate some kinetic potential.

7. Take your rest also in this top position. Resting in the front rack or even dropping the bar down to the floor is a more inefficient maneuver.

8. If you feel your Fran time is right around the 4min mark, go for broke to buy that next 4min round. Then, pace yourself out to gain as many reps as possible.

9. If you feel you have multiple Fran opportunities, find a good flow and keep moving. My favorite examples of movement efficiency and flow was watching Camille LeBlanc and Rich Froning demo this workout. If you watched how they performed their thrusters, it looked effortless and unstrained as they floated every rep from bottom to top and back down.

Lastly, HAVE FUN! It’s the last WOD we get until next year’s Open. I wish everyone the best of luck and I look forward to seeing everyone next year.