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Will Rawlings (@superiorathletic, @crossfitsaa) power cleaning + jerking 120kg/264lbs. Straps have been a big topic for us lately because we believe it adds tremendous value for athletes as another tool in the box.

Straps help athlete:

1. Learn proper movement sequencing by allowing the arms to stay relaxed.

2. Practice barbell cycling without chewing up the hands.

3. Allows athletes to continue training if the hands are fatigued or chewed up from training.

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www.FuBarbell.com/Gear (link in bio)

Will’s take on straps on cleans: i like to use straps on light cleans to help stretch out my front rack position, i have shorter upper arms which limits the amount of leverage i can get in the front rack , helps stretch my external rotators, wrists, forearms and triceps, also saves wear on the hands.

Caution… LIGHT is important!

Limit cleans and power cleans are not recommended to use straps, it can be hard to release the bar if you need to bail.

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