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Will Rawlings (@crossfitsaa @superiorathletic) demonstrating a well executed finish on a 140kg/308lbs snatch. Having athletes perform a vertical jump is an easy way to demonstrate the mechanics behind sequencing the body for the 2nd pull. The idea of jumping is universally relatable and helps the new athlete minimize the thinking that would otherwise have to occur.

However, once this awareness is developed, the jump should be directed into more of an aggressive drive through the floor. This allows the athlete to maintain connection with the floor that allows for a better follow through, transfer of power and overall control of the movement.

For athletes that have a difficult time figuring out driving versus jumping, I find that too much attention may be being placed (whether consciously or unconsciously) on ankle extension versus knee extension. If an athlete extends hard through the ankles, they’re more likely to jump. Whereas if the extension effort is placed more on the knees, the athlete will stay connected through the floor for a longer period of time.

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