#Weightlifters have a routine. There’s a specific way they...

#Weightlifters have a routine. There’s a specific way they like to address the bar, set-up and pull; and they’ll do this subconsciously before every rep especially as they get to their heavier attempts. As part of their “pre-flight check,” you’ll also notice them adopt an almost zen-like state. All of this automation and calming of the nerves serves a purpose to reduce activities happening in the psyche and body which result in maximal force being produced into the bar.

In order for the barbell-weightlifter system to have the potential to move the most efficiently, power must be expressed from the floor into the weight. The body must reduce levels of internal resistance or turn down any muscular excitement that isn’t productive towards transmitting force. This is part of the reason why a hook-grip is so valued ‘cause it allows the lifter to hang onto the weight without excessively engaging the flexor muscles of the forearm and biceps. The chassis (or trunk) of the body must be set into absolute extension and locked in tight for this serves as the main transmitter between the lower and upper extremities; and the legs must be positioned so the hips can sit in closer towards the bar allowing for a more stable and verticalized torso. All this must be done without overstimulating unnecessary musculature.

The lifter’s attitude must be taken into consideration as well. Any excessive thinking or negative emotion will also retard the flow of movement. Thinking excites the psyche too much causing paralysis of analysis and negative emotion (anger, rage) overstimulates the sympathetic nervous system causing the body to produce too much internal resistance. The moral of the story? Well, as my BFF Bruce Lee would say, “The less effort, the faster and more powerful you will be.”
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