We have Lester Ho (@lesterhokw) from The Training Geek bringing...

We have Lester Ho (@lesterhokw) from The Training Geek bringing you some education today on basic biomechanics. It’s been my mission to further the conversation and continue to provide quality education on weightlifting. FuBarbell and The Training Geek will be collaborating on some projects to help athletes not only understand the “how” but also the “why” on why you move the way you do.


“The centre of mass of an object is where all the weight is centred upon. This can be found around the tummy/core/belly button when an individual is standing in an anatomical position. In a barbell, it’s found dead centre of the barbell regardless of weight on the bar.

The two systems involved in any lift are the weightlifter and the barbell. Observing the combined centre of mass of both systems will allow for better alignment of the pull in your desired direction.

Assuming that the mass lifted is equivalent to that of your bodyweight, the combined centre of mass can be found at the centre point between the two systems’ COM. Should the weight be heavier for one of the systems, the combined COM will be closer to the heavier system.

Looking at one system individually is insufficient and understanding the combined COM is equally as important in establishing balance in the lifts. At any moment when these points fall out of the base of support, it will result in having the combined system moved forward or backwards instead of vertically.

Having these points further away from each other would also result in more energy being expended to maintain the balance of the combined COM.

Balance of the systems equals efficiency. Energy that you don’t waste trying to keep the barbell in line could mean a PB/PR lurking in the horizons.”


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