Timing the extension in weightlifting can be seen as the...

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Timing the extension in weightlifting can be seen as the coordination of the bar meeting with the hips at the right moment for optimal power transfer. This is the difference of a lift you make “effortlessly” and a lift you just make. When performed well, the body extends completely and then retreats into a stable receiving position without any compensatory movement to make up for being out of position.

Good timing is therefore achieved when optimum power is imparted to the bar, with the least amount of energy expended, and at the contact point that achieves the desired direction of the bar after impact.

Coming off of an extensive technique session on Saturday, I worked on carrying it over at higher intensities on Sunday. As you can see on the first lift, the movement timing was off causing me to cut the pull short which forced me to land wider in order to receive the weight (I was attempting hang power cleans). I made the appropriate adjustments on the next lift (by pulling harder with the lats to match the leg drive) and the movement was much smoother albeit the legs were tired by this point so I was not able to stop the bar at the desired receiving height.

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