Tim Rawlings (@rawwlings) is back today to further the chat...

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Tim Rawlings (@rawwlings) is back today to further the chat about your hookgrip. First things first, if you’re not hookgripping (because I know it hurts and sucks), then that’s step one to lifting proficiency.

After discussing keeping your hookgrip during the clean, I want to talk about RELEASING HOOKGRIP IN THE SNATCH. One reason, is that the snatch compared to the clean requires much more precision and balance. Mistakes in the snatch are not very forgiving and I want to share how releasing your hookgrip may help remedy some of your problems. Some of these problems include, over pulling, instability in the catch, muscling the weight, and timing issues. Any one of these problems will lead to an INCONSISTENT snatch! Keep in mind, there are Olympic champions that keep their hookgrip and there are Olympic champions that release. I am simply saying what has worked for me, and what I have seen work for many other people suffering some of the problems I stated above.

The barbell in snatch is going higher than in the clean, and a lot more can go wrong. Also, catching the barbell overhead requires an extreme amount of timing and balance. From my experience keeping your hookgrip all the way through the catch can hinder those elements and cause problems. Ask yourself… How does it feel to max out your overhead squat while maintaining your hookgrip? I know for me, it is uncomfortable and much less stable. I recommend if you are going to try this, start out by doing the drill in the video. Pay attention to the timing and make sure you release at the right time. Also, do not completely let go with your hand. Try to “slide” your thumb out. If you are having trouble with this, loosen your grip and it should be easier to release.

Remember, you need to keep your hookgrip for a good finish, you are just releasing for the catch! Stick with that drill for plenty of reps, and it will help teach you the proper timing of when to release. Consistency is key. Like any sport, you need lots of quality reps. Train smart and train with a purpose.

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