The start position allows you to create leverage against the...

The start position allows you to create leverage against the floor when initiating the first pull. The importance of this is to set the system up for a good second pull. There are dynamic starts, static starts, high hip starts, low hip starts. How do you know which is best suited for you or your athlete? A few things to consider would be:


1. Comfort of the athlete. Can the athlete adopt the shape he/she is trying to get into for the start? If flexibility or strength is an issue, temporary adjustments need to be made.

2. Is the athlete able to stay stacked over his/her base of support? Remaining balanced over the base allows the athlete to use the legs more efficiently.

A simple formula to get the athlete into the approximate shape is to:


1. Line the bar over the first shoelace of the shoe.

2. Have the hips in line to slightly above the knee.

3. Have the shoulders on top to slightly ahead of the bar.

From here, fined adjustments can be tinkered with until the athlete finds their perfect start.

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