Programming is an interesting topic that garners a lot of...

Programming is an interesting topic that garners a lot of discussion (and confusion). Some say it’s the Holy Grail where every set, rep and percentage should be mapped out for the year while others adopt a more “Milo and The Calf” attitude where continuously doing a little more today than you did yesterday will yield better results for tomorrow. That was a Bill Hinbern reference for those of you who didn’t pick up on it. (Digression: He’s got one of my favorite email lists out there. I’d recommend heading to his website for an awesome collection of old timey strength training books ready for your viewing pleasure). Regardless of which camp you fall under, or maybe you’re somewhere in between, your programming should always have purpose towards you and your goals.

As a beginner, 3 questions to ask yourself when choosing, performing or structuring a training program are:

1. What is the goal/purpose?

2. Does this program address my deficiencies/weaknesses?

3. Does this program offer enough variety to create a strong/large foundation to continue to build my future progress upon. AKA Being well rounded enough to prevent injury, training staleness and promote longevity in this activity.

There are other factors you can (and should) consider as you mature as an athlete; but for the new comer, these questions can be useful guidelines in determining which program is best suited for you.

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