Over 600 people are mastering their Olympic-style Lifts with me...

Over 600 people are mastering their Olympic-style Lifts with me on @codyapp! If you’re looking to improve your Olympic-style Lifts or your CrossFit WODs, I strongly encourage you to check out my program.

https://www.codyapp.com/bundles/olympicweightlifting. Link is also in my profile.

This photo is of people that are actually following the program, and here are a few words from those that have told me about their experience:


@klyons333: My starting weights in competition are higher than what I ended with at my last comp!!


Bo Riser: The program coupled with the instructional videos have helped me make great strides to improve my weightlifting. I couldn’t help but notice that my performance in WODs has improved in parallel.

@amandaveliotis: By following along with the program, I assure you that you will sweat and get a great workout, and grow significantly in the weight room.

@alexafla: It has also really helped with my understanding of the bar path from the floor to the second pull.

Hassane Mahfouz: This program is pretty amazing, you repeat and repeat movements so they become a natural thing. I started 3 weeks ago & last weekend we were having fun in the gym and I PR’d my Clean&Jerk at 100kg! Coincidence? I don’t think so…



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