Negatives are a great way to get in some extra work without...

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Negatives are a great way to get in some extra work without having to add in extra exercises to the training day. Will Rawlings is here to drop some knowledge bombs on how to add them into your program.

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By Will Rawlings (@crossfitsaa @rawwlings): Spending some time on building enough strength to be able to decelerate and fix the barbell overhead can pay big dividends in the snatch and can help build overhead stability in the jerk as well.

For a successful snatch the lifter must have adequate strength endurance to maintain adequate muscle tension for the duration of the catch and standup in the snatch.

By slowing the eccentric portion (lowering) of your pressing movements you can increase the working effect on the muscles to counteract the downward motion on the bar due to gravity. This can build motor proficiency as well as confidence in your catch for snatch.

Loads as little as 55-70% have been shown to be effective in building supporting strength for the press. Slowing the eccentric portion to as much as 4 seconds for 4- 6 sets of 3-8 reps has shown increased strength and strength endurance in pressing movements.

Build that support strength for a few weeks and watch your positions and numbers improve!

WARNING: exaggerating the eccentric portion of a movement will increase muscle soreness and damage at the cellular level which requires an increase in recovery time. Seek out a qualified coach before adding these to your program.

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