Most of the athletes I meet aren’t interested in becoming...

Most of the athletes I meet aren’t interested in becoming professional Olympic weightlifters. Usually, Olympic-style weightlifting is just a smaller component of a much larger whole. Understanding this component opens up the doors on how you could repurpose the lifts to match your needs and also find greater fulfillment in the things you do. After all, unless you plan on making weightlifting your career, I hope you are having some fun along the way.

B-Boy Blakk (@bboyblakk) of the Renegade Rockers says, “Olympic lifting has given me a chance to tie my explosive and dynamic movement with strength training and open up new ways to build onto my craft.”


Creating this bridge is what break dancers do best by finding inspiration in the things they see and becoming the medium that unites movement.

Why do you weightlift and what continues to inspire you?

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