For many of us veterans in the CrossFit scene, we’ve...

For many of us veterans in the CrossFit scene, we’ve danced this dance before with 12.4. This week’s open cleverly combines two classic CrossFit benchmark WODs Karen and 30 muscle-ups. If this wasn’t bad enough, to bridge the gap between the two efforts are 90 double-unders.

My big take away for this week’s WOD is to not discount the less technical effort of the 150 wall balls. Each athlete will have a different “Achilles heel” in this sneaky little diagnostic tool. Last year when I performed this WOD, it was my triceps that blew out. For a colleague of mine, it was his legs. Another, her shoulders and neck. Performing these reps nonchalantly will end up coming to nip you in the butt come time for the double-unders and muscle-ups.

Points of Performance:
1. Adopt a wider stance with the feet. This will keep the legs from going the unnecessary extra distance down and keep the trunk more upright.
2. Keep your elbows tucked in and upper arm parallel to the floor for a solid rack position to support the wall ball. try not to let the elbows drop during the workout.
3. Find a good rhythm and maintain this throughout the workout always saving one in the tank to keep from blowing out.
4. To save yourself from taking too much load on the eccentric (lowering) phase of the wall balls, try to catch the ball as you’re on your way back down instead of catching, stopping and then squatting.
5. Stay in your heels as much as possible. Coming onto your toes will cost you unnecessarily in your calves. Save them for the double-unders.
6. Lastly, this isn’t a workout that requires a massive amount of tension and stiffness so stay relaxed and find just enough tension to maintain good positions. This will be more energy conservative and allow you to express more speed as you make your way towards the muscle-ups.

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