Lester Ho (@lesterhokw) is back with another lesson in...

Lester Ho (@lesterhokw) is back with another lesson in biomechanics! This week we will touch upon bar speed and it’s role during application.


“Understanding bar velocity is not just knowledge on how fast the bar is moving once you initiate movement off the ground. It is also about when the maximum point of velocity is attained within your lift.

At the start, the barbell is stationary and has no momentum within its mass. So to get it moving or to overcome inertia, you, as the lifter, would apply force to the barbell to begin generating momentum. However, the common mistake is to try to overcome this inertia fast and ‘rip that barbell’ off the ground in the attempt to continue that speed all the way to the top.

Think of it like a 100m race. If you explode off the blocks and try to hit peak velocity as quick as you can by 20m, you have another 80m to cover and maintain peak velocity. If you work on building up this velocity off the ground till the point where you execute the second pull, you give yourself a much higher chance and easier opportunity to produce maximum velocity, resulting in more momentum being generated at a higher height.

Learning how to incorporate speed during the pull will increase the odds of receiving the bar in a good position. Good position plus good movement plus appropriately directed speed equals consistency that will drive good movement for the long haul.”


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