Lester Ho (@lesterhokw) and I are back with another lesson...

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Lester Ho (@lesterhokw) and I are back with another lesson today. Today we talk about weight balance in the foot and it’s affect on the finish of your pull. Like what you learned? Come learn more! Lester and I will be touring the U.S. between March 21st-April 4th. Since this is such big trip, this will be the only co-seminar we do this year so don’t miss out!

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Similar Positions But Different Results.

It is important to understand the importance of position. Biomechanics allows one to pinpoint exactly what could distinguish a successful from an unsuccessful lift.

In this example, in the screenshot, at first glance, we can tell the power positions achieved in both lifts are similar. However, at a closer glance, the position on the right actually has the feet flatter to the ground while the one on the left has the heels slightly more off the ground.

Both achieved a successful lift. But in examining the following videos, the photo on the left (the first video) was a better lift. The sole difference is the weight distribution in the power position — not necessarily the heel lift off the ground.

We all know we need to stay over the bar. However, if your weight is too far back on your heels when trying to deliver power to the bar, the legs (aka quads) cannot be properly utilized to propel the barbell vertically upwards. You subsequently end up using your hips or arms a lot more in the second pull.

While staying over is important, where the weight sits within your foot determines the ability to use the legs better. More legs equals more vertical force produced. Now add that in with quick punchy hips and that’s when the party gets started.

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