Lester Ho (@lesterhokw) and I are back with another example of...

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Lester Ho (@lesterhokw) and I are back with another example of body types and pull mechanics! We will be taking requests for one more week on our FuBarbell + The Training Geek Tour in 2015. If you are interested in hosting a seminar, email Diane@FuBarbell.com and title it “Biomechanics 2015”.


2 Box 1 Squat continued.

In the last installment, we talked about the slightly longer torso compared to the femur and lower leg.

Today we tackle another common ratio of a short torso with femurs of the same or slightly longer length. This is characterized by a square in the upper box.

With a shorter torso, to ensure a balanced pull off the ground, it is suggested that the hips start higher in order for the centre of mass of the lifter to stay over the feet (base of support). Because of this start position, it is also crucial that a strong upper back is built to properly use the lats to keep the bar in close through the pull.

Another important feature is that because of the shorter torso, it is critical that in the second pull, a strong posterior chain with good length is required to help keep the torso over the bar in the transition and allow for adequate leg drive and subsequently hip extension to contribute to the second pull.

Lastly, if the femurs are as long as the torso, it is important that the receiving stance is widened to allow for the lifter to remain vertically stacked under the bar when receiving.

So here’s another example of understanding the ratio between levers and how to optimize leverage in the lifts. Doing so could make your lifting more efficient and effective in moving heavy weights.

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