Last week Jon Wong (@iamjwjw), student of Coach Wu (@wuchuanfu),...

Last week Jon Wong (@iamjwjw), student of Coach Wu (@wuchuanfu), talked about the purpose of the back squat in light of Chinese weightlifting methodology. Today, we will move into a discussion of how to establish proper positioning for this style of back squat.

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In terms of position, the Back Squat will look more upright and be quadriceps dominant (note: quad dominant, not knee dominant). General guidelines for establishing start position:


1. Feet approximately shoulder width apart, with a slight turnout of the feet.

2. Balance of the body is kept over the mid-foot. This allows you to have a “awareness” and control as you squat.

3. Body is relaxed and ready to move. Excessive tension in the upper body and lumbar area will create a disconnect between the bar/load and the legs. Excessive tension in the glutes and quads will reduce the proprioception or “feeling” for the load in the legs.

4. Upon unracking the bar and setting body position, a breathe or two is taken in with aim of achieving the following: i. Sharpening mental focus, ii. Relaxing the body, iii. “Feeling” the load connect to the legs.

5. Reminder on position checkpoints: i. Balanced over mid-foot, ii. Body relaxed, iii. “Feeling” the load in your legs.

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