Last Open workout is upon us! This test of your fitness is about...

Last Open workout is upon us! This test of your fitness is about capacity and managing your engine. You don’t want to go in too hard, but you can’t pace too much either. With 72 total calories on the rower, 72 reps for the thrusters and no time cap, this is guaranteed to be a fun time!

Tips + Tricks:

1. Pushing quick calories on the rower is about power output. Play around with the damper setting to see where you get the most bang for you buck with the aim being roughly 1 calorie per stroke (or every other stroke). This will land the majority of you on a damper setting of 6-9.

2. Most of you should know what max effort feels like on the rower. To pace this movement well, you want to move just below that threshold knowing that you’ll spend somewhere around a minute to a minute and a half for each of these efforts.

3. Practice getting in and out of the rower prior to your 3, 2, 1 Go. Don’t let the strap on the foot cradle mess up your transition between movements.

4. On the thrusters, know ahead of time whether you plan to partition out the sets. Chances are if you break-up the thrusters on Fran, you’ll do so as well on this workout. I like cascading sets largely because it mentally feels more motivating. Partitioning these sets for me would look something like this:

a. 27 = 8+7+6+6 or 14 + 13

b. 21 = 8+7+6 or 11 + 10

c. 15 = 6+5+4 or 8 +7

d. 9 = 5+4

5. This will be a workout that, should you choose, you can recover from and repeat several times. If you do plan on hitting this event up multiple times, take note on areas where you lost time and what you can do to push the envelop more for successive efforts.

6. And lastly, have fun. Don’t go out looking for the intensity because the intensity will find you. And once it does, you’ll have to dig deep to keep moving through to the end. 15.5 requires both mental and physical toughness.

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