Just a few hours left to get my @codyapp Faults & Fixes...

Just a few hours left to get my @codyapp Faults & Fixes Bundle at 35% off! Want to learn the best way to transfer the bar with control, balance, and speed? Want lifts that feel smooth, balanced, and powerful? This series will help you identify common faults, demonstrates progressive drills and assistance exercises, and discusses strategies to implement these drills.

http://codyapp.com/fixfaults (link in bio)

This 4-part bundle begins with footwork faults before becoming more specifically focused on extensions and finishing lifts like clean, jerk and snatch. You will learn how to fix your pull, transitions, and balance with the weight overhead. I have also included a FREE Quickstart Guide that’s filled with visual pointers to help improve your range of motion and mobility, which will improve your barbell positioning and overall lifting ability.

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