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Jonathan Wong of @pushmorecrossfit, a long time student of Coach Wu, covers points of performance when setting up and moving in the front squat while hitting an easy peasy over 2x BW PR.

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Working on some Front Squats yesterday and made a beltless PR @ 160kg!

Front Squats are often overlooked in training, one of the reasons being they are hard to perform. For most of us, this often related to the front rack position.

For skill transfer to weightlifting, Coach @wuchuanfu recommends prioritizing Front Squats over Back Squats. When performed correctly, Front Squats will have skill and strength carry over to all your lifting movements, especially for movements that start from the front rack position.

Performing the Front Squat:

1. Take a breath and set your rack position by using a full grip and spreading the lats to support the bar. Notice that I do not have any change my chest position once I rack the bar. Mid back and traps stay relatively relaxed. Think of driving the elbows up and out in a “C” motion when going into the rack position.

2. Unrack the bar by driving up with the legs and set your start position. Foot placement should be similar to your back squat.

Set your line of sight slightly up. This opens up the airway and also helps you keep the torso upright.

Take a breath into the belly and focus on connecting the weight to your legs.

2. Lower with control. Think of the body going straight down and up like an elevator. Balance stays mid-foot throughout the movement. Avoid excessive pressing out/external rotation of knees.

3. As you break parallel, aggressively drive out of the hole, finishing smoothly at the top.

4. To maintain your rack position, “press” into the bar with your lats by pushing the elbows up and out. You want the weight to carried by your body, not your arms. The elbows will rise slightly as you hit the bottom of the squat to accommodate for changes in torso position.

5. Core stays engaged through the entire movement, avoid trying to fight for a rep if your rack/torso position collapses. This will very often lead to wrist/elbow pain and strains.

6. Repeat as necessary for maximum #gainz.

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