Jonathan Wong (@iamjwjw), student of Coach Wu (@wuchuanfu), came...

Jonathan Wong (@iamjwjw), student of Coach Wu (@wuchuanfu), came through for a visit last week in San Francisco. We spent much of the time training and discussing concepts taught to us by Coach Wu of Chinese weightlifting philosophy. We decided to put out a series of posts to help everyone further understand the message that is being delivered from out East. Enjoy.

The Art of Power: Interpretations of the Chinese Weightlifting Methodology By Jonathan Wong

The approach of the Chinese weightlifting method is unique in the way that proprioception is a the main focus in teaching movements/positions. There are no fixed/universal positions for everyone. As how each individual has different body

proportions/mobility, each individual can achieve optimal positioning through the use of “感觉(Gǎnjué)” or “feeling”. In relation to this, I would like to share about application of the Back Squat in the Chinese weightlifting method.

The Back Squat is regarded as the main “strength” development movement. When performed correctly, there is a HUGE transfer to all aspects of Olympic weightlifting. Awareness and positions established in the Back Squat are the same positions that you will utilise in the Snatch and Clean & Jerk, and the various assistance exercises. I will go more in-depth on this in a later post.

Three key areas in performing the Back Squat are:


1. Position

2. Movement

3. Tempo

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